Furlough letters go out to MCLB employees

MCLB-ALBANY — Per a furlough plan recently implemented by the U.S. Secretary of Defense, federal civilian employees aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base-Albany have begun receiving notice of proposed furlough letters.

The memorandum, base officials say, is designed to prepare the work force for the proposed 11-day furlough period which is scheduled to begin in July and last through September.

Guidelines call for most employees to be furloughed up to 16 hours per pay period for 11 consecutive weeks. Letters are expected to be going out to employees through the remainder of the week, officials at the installation say.

“Base and tenant officials recognize the difficult personal financial implications of any furlough on both our people and the community,” officials at MCLB-Albany said a statement issued Thursday afternoon.

Earlier this month, officials at MCLB announced that approximately 2,000 appropriated fund employees across the base as well as Marine Corps Logistics Command could be impacted, with a percentage of critical service providers directly responsible for preserving life and property — and possibly others — expected to be affected.

Base officials also initially said that there would be a series of sequential notifications to prepare civilian employees for what was to come, as well as help them understand the process going forward and offer them a chance to respond. This was expected to start with proposal notices, followed by an employee reply period and decision letters.


Amazed2 2 years, 3 months ago

Most will take Vacation Days and call in sick when they want off a couple days for Vacation. Its all Smoke and Mirrors by the Obama gang.


whattheheck 2 years, 3 months ago

Yep, that's the way its done. And there will be overtime for public exigency before the year is over for many. What the base produces will not suffer since little is produced anyway.

Years ago, management would say the workload was running out at the maintenance facility, the field just wasn't sending in things to be fixed. A week later, you would hear the facility was working overtime. And there were times the field activities were told to send in things they could have fixed just to workload the local facility.

There are many pots of money in DoD and if there is one base that excels at finding a way to get a honey dipper into a pot, it is these folks. There will be no pain, just a lot of whaling as teeth are gnashed while books are massaged and adjusted.

At the end of the FY, there will be the typical gush of funds from all over the Marine Corps sent to Albany to be spent buying things, not paying people. These are the funds that need to be cut. .


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