OUTDOORS: Fishing reports

LAKE SEMINOLE — Bass fishing continues slow. Best bets now are up the rivers and creeks in the sloughs and backwaters. Flipping and frog-fishing are good techniques and jerk baits have paid off for some. Crappie fishing took a recent “dive” as well, with only a few good catches reported. There are indications, however, that overall crappie activity has increased over the past several days. The recent frontal passage and temperature drop has drastically slowed down the bream and catfish. (one-quarter fish)

LAKE WALTER F. GEORGE — The best bass fishing is in shallow water. Most of the fish seem to be holding on flats in the main lake and in the creeks. Spinnerbaits fished near hydrilla patches are paying off. Frog-type lures worked in lily pad patches and near the hydrilla may work as well. For larger fish, try flipping or jig fishing around shallow cover and continue to be alert for schooling bass apt to surface at various times of day. Catfish have been active of late, but cooler temperatures are apt to motivate a slow-down. Bream are slow and likely to remain that way for some time. Crappie fishing is fair in spots as feeding activity and baitfish movement continues. (half fish)

FLINT RIVER — Water conditions look reasonably good overall and most anglers say fluctuation of water level has not been too drastic. Largemouths are slow, but shoal bass are relatively active. Try a Baby One-Minus in a crawdad pattern in the shoals. Crappies are slow. Channel catfish are fair in spots on worms. Bream are slow and sporadic overall up and down the river. Angling pressure is very light at present. Cooler temperatures are likely to bring about a fishing down-turn over the next few days. (one-quarter fish)

LAKE BLACKSHEAR — Bass can be good on the flats, especially around the cypress-tree areas. Suggested lures include Shad Raps, Rat-L-Traps, and Texas-rig lizards. Work outward from the channel to the shoreline and fish a chosen area thoroughly before giving up. Fish slowly and expect a lot of small fish. Crappies are fair on minnows at 12 to 15 feet. Baitfish are active and crappie schools are reasonably well concentrated. Bream have slowed markedly with the cooler temperatures, catfish are fair, and there are a few small stripers schooling late in the day. (half fish)