MIKE SABOT: Obamacare supporters sold a bad bill of goods

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Affordable Care Act provides neither affordable insurance nor quality

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I remember it was about 3 years ago that Congressman Bishop held his only true public town hall meeting at ASU that I can recall. The subject was the Affordable Healthcare Act, also known as ObamaCare. The hall was overflowing with people, half wanting it and the other half determined to have no part of it. Congressman Bishop has never wavered in his support of ObamaCare, though in recent months he’s been very quiet on the subject.

President Obama said last week that if those bad apple insurance companies (they are, by the way, just following the law) cancel your policy, why, just go shopping to get a better and cheaper policy on healthcare.gov. I’ve spent the last 30 days researching just that.

Forget about a website that has problems; throw enough money at it, give it enough time and it will eventually work. Might only cost a few hundred million more.

The real problem is what is offered. What was sold to the public as affordable and quality is not.

One provider with 14 variations of three plans, as of this writing, only one hospital within 20 miles of Albany (Phoebe North) and zero doctors accepting it. All plans offered are $300-500 or more than the same plans offered in Atlanta. In Atlanta, there are more than five providers offering cheaper and better plans than here.

The only reason I can see a person buying insurance on the healthcare exchange is because of the subsidies offered, just don’t expect to it to be affordable or quality.

Fortunately you can still find cheaper and better plans that offer quality networks on the open market as long as you don’t need the subsidies. Those of you who clamored for this will be sorely disappointed; you were sold a bill of goods.