JOHN BRYANT: Grocery work a reality check

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: If a columnist worked as a grocery store clerk, she might gain a new perspective

The Monday article by Cynthia Tucker caught me eye, especially when she wrote about the “working poor.” I wonder how she would know so much about this subject unless she has been there?

I would like for her to work at one of the larger food stores as a cashier and produce person. As a cashier, she would understand what people have in their shopping carts. As a produce person, she would see how people handle and purchase fresh vegetables.

I would like for her to do this for at least one week while keeping an honest journal. This would enable her to keep a record of what the so-called “working poor” was eating and how their general health appeared to be.

Her one-sided opinions might come to a reality check. This project would give her a view of the “working poor” and the unworking poor. Sometimes, how you pay shows what you weigh!