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Colquitt artists publish comic book

The Fog Walkers has both photography and graphic design used for the final product

The Fog Walkers is an innovative science-fiction comics book being produced by two Colquitt residents. (Special photo)

The Fog Walkers is an innovative science-fiction comics book being produced by two Colquitt residents. (Special photo)

COLQUITT _ Artists Timothy and Alorian Haire, of Colquitt, have completed the first issue in their innovative comic book, The Fog Walkers, which uses both photography and graphic design to create the final product.

Instead of drawing, they use actors and models to portray their story, then add in location shots and graphics to complete the unusual look of the comic.

The Fog Walkers is a graphic comic series that takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth, where an alien race, dubbed the Mephidians, or “Mephs,” has descended and released a poisonous gas, known as “The Fog,” which is harmful to all life forms of Earth.

Although it is usually fatal when breathed in, some humans change on a genetic level into terrible abominations that are only sated by destruction. They are able to breathe inside and outside the fog, which makes them just as dangerous, if not more, than the Mephidians.

Survivors must live outside of the fog zone, either high above in skyscrapers or below in bunkers and sewer systems. This story focuses on a group of survivors that routinely make runs into the fog to gather supplies for their resistance group, known as The Fog Walkers.

These survivors wear protective respiratory gear that negates the fog, allowing them to scavenge what is left in the cities that the Mephidians now inhabit.

“My wife and I have been long-time zombie and science fiction fans since we were both kids, and have always dreamed of having a foothold in the creative industry of such genres,” says Timothy Haire, creator of The Fog Walkers.

“The idea actually came to me while doing a homework assignment at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online, where I’m studying Game Art and Design and my wife said, ‘Hey, that’s a neat idea!’ and we ran with it from there!”

Timothy and Alorian Haire have been involved in many productions. Currently, they are working on the science-fiction radio play production Zygerus as the concept artists. They also are creating four original games from scratch — two table top and two LARPs (live-action role-playing games).

They are also busy establishing their own company, ARC Studios (Altered Reality Creative Studios) and hope to have a location open in Colquitt in the near future.

They live in Colquitt with their two daughters, Tesla and Lex, and their pet dog, Zoe.

For more information about The Fog Walkers, visit or contact Timothy and Alorian Haire at The beta version of Issue 1 is available for purchase on the website.