JOHN BRYANT: Americans are starting to question changes

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The U.S. government needs competent leadership

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Mistakes, mistakes and more mistakes. Everybody makes them. The Good Lord knows I have made my share.

An old adage is, “Whomever is without guilt, let them cast the first stone.” I am not sure David was without guilt, but the biblical giant Goliath questioned this. He said, “Rock me, David.” And David did.

I, as an American citizen, and many, many other people are starting to question our government for all of its changes. As a given, change is mostly good, but when the security of the United States of America is at stake, competent people must take charge. Wise decisions have to be made. Our elected officials have to work together for “the common good.”

One big announcement and apology, mis-leader of America. President Obama speaks, hearts are swelled and our purses are emptied.