WALT SPECHT: Special recognition of one combat death diminishes others

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Roads, bridges and other public infrastructure should not be named for individual veteran

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

To the Lee County commisisoners and concerned parties:

Let me state to begin with that I stood beside Highway 19 with my U.S. flag flying when the procession went by, and followed up at Crown Hill. Took half of a day off of work to do it.

According to WIKIA, approximately 850,000 U.S. combat deaths have occurred since the Revolutionary War. How can one death in combat be singled out over another? For by honoring the single death, aren’t we diminishing the others?

I don’t hold with naming bridges, roads or anything after honored veterans. It is a long known fact that many brave deeds go unrecognized in comparison to those honored by medals. There was a saying, “If you get a medal, you had a good P.R. man in your corner.” I don’t even imagine to know how the parents feel, but I do believe it is a feeling shared by many others over the years.

Let’s just get away from this individual, individual action or individual war honors. Let us just honor all those that made the ultimate sacrifice under a single banner — combat veteran. For they all took the same risk, and some made the sacrifice.

I do not remember my father or uncles ever asking to be recognized for their service in WWII. Why has it become so important now? They are recognized with brass plaques and flag holders on their individual grave stones, but they never asked for even that recognition.