WALT SPECHT: Public housing should be for the poor who are deserving

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Meant to be temporary help, public housing has become permanent for some families

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

If you watched the specials on a local news show, you know some people live in housing funded by the taxpayer that earn far in excess of the allowable upper limit. In both Lee and Dougherty County they say it is allowed because you have to have, basically, some good people in among those that aren’t. You know, to set the example, like keeping a crooked mayor in office because of their ethnicity, claiming the mayor is an example and role model for the youth when they are behaving themselves.

I thought public housing was for deserving people that needed a hand up for a short time. Yet there are generations continuing to live in public housing. If these people are so valueless, both morally and lacking in honesty, do they really deserve a helping hand? One that turns into a lifetime handout?

What happened to the drug and non-felony requirements, and how are they being monitored?

Let’s make sure we are helping those deserving of that help by removing the problems from the system and moving some of those more carefully screened applicants up on the waiting list. It seems they are being denied because of the inability of the authority to control the behavior of its customers.