WARREN D. GRANT: Columnist Cynthia Tucker continues divisive writings

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cynthia Tucker is decieved by her political crystal ball

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Part of the Final Chapter comes from the “diatribe” that Cynthia Tucker and her “ilk” spew forth in The Albany Herald. In Monday’s edition, she attacked Sarah Palin with a vengeance that clearly aligns her with the “left-wing liberals and racists” such as Jessie and Al.

First, let me say I am no fan of Sarah Palin and wish she would ride off into the sunset. Having said that, it is clear that Tucker’s continuing hatred and venomous columns are why we will never get along. She writes about Palin, saying she is “ridiculously overwrought and paranoid.” I contend that it is Tucker who is ridiculously overwrought and paranoid, else she would find a common ground on which to park her pedestal and speak of the good needed to bring us all together.

Instead she continues to drive a wedge between the citizens of this country by reading Palin’s mind and also Thomas Jefferson’s, among others, stating their view is “a fundamental misreading of the U.S. Constitution and its traditions.” She goes further, saying that “their interpretation of the Bible — is narrow, limited and eccentric.”

Just who does she think she is? Miss Perfect? Only her views are correct and she is the only one with facts? Normally I don’t read her trash, but noticed Thomas Jefferson’s name — a man whom I have great respect for — and decided to see how she could defecate on one of our greatest and wisest founding fathers. Her crystal ball deceives her and the only mind she can read is her own. And if she wants to “enlist” in something, may I suggest the Marines.