Albany Urology hosts open house

Longtime practice moves into new building in northwest Albany

Albany Urology Clinic physician Dr. Timothy S. Trulock (center right) and staff are shown at the practice’s new location on Osprey Court in northwest Albany. (Staff Photo: Brad McEwen)

Albany Urology Clinic physician Dr. Timothy S. Trulock (center right) and staff are shown at the practice’s new location on Osprey Court in northwest Albany. (Staff Photo: Brad McEwen)


Albany Urology Clinic staff members and guests help themselves to a snack at an open house Tuesday to celebrate the opening of the practice’s new office and surgical center. (Staff Photo: Brad McEwen)

ALBANY — Albany Urology Clinic and Surgical Center celebrated the practice’s recent move to a new location and the opening of its new, in-house surgical center, with an open house Tuesday evening.

The new, 18,000 square foot facility, designed by local architectural firm Yielding, Wakeford and McGee and built by Albany’s LRA Constructors, was planned 15 months ago and took roughly a year to build.

Doctors have been seeing patients at the new location for about a month and have been performing surgical procedures for a week. Thus far, doctors have already performed 25 surgeries.

“It will only escalate from there,” said Dr. Timothy S. Trulock, who joined the practice in 1984. “We probably hope to do between 2o0 and 300 a month before long.”

At 6,000 square feet, the new surgical center consists primarily of pre and post operation areas and two operating rooms, where patients will be able to receive virtually any procedure the practice performs.

“The big deal with this new location is that we’ve got our own surgery center,” Trulock said. “We’ve got two full operating rooms, so we can do 90 percent of our surgery here.”

Trulock continued by saying that the desire to have the surgical center was the main impetus for changing locations. He said by having an in-house surgical center the practice can not only provide more services, but improved services as well.

“The important thing for us is to give patients an option other than the hospital setting to have their procedures,” said Trulock. “Here they can have things done in a safe, comfortable, infection-free environment.”

In addition to the surgical center the new location offers patients of the practice larger waiting and examination rooms, as well as state of the art technology, such as the practice’s x-ray machine, CT scanner and uroskop access urology suite.

The practice’s staff of more than 30 nurses, assistants and administrative staff are also able to take advantage of the new location’s updated computer systems, which feature individual computer stations, in each of the location’s work areas and 16 exam rooms, that are all linked to a single server to help gather and mange patient data.

Currently the practice handles the needs of more than 50,000 patients and offers a wide range of urological services, including routine exams, various lithotripsy procedures and cystoscopy.

According to Breanne Bonner, clinical director of the new surgical center, the new location has been well received by staff members and patients alike.

“They love it and we’re excited” said Bonner. “There’s less wait time, more space and the staff really works hard to make the patients comfortable. One of our main priorities is providing excellent customer service and so far the feedback has been great.”

Founded in 1972 by doctors James R Hattaway and Carl V Hancock, the new office marks the practice’s third location, having originally been on Jefferson Street and then at it’s most recent location on Palmyra Road.

In addition to doctors Hattaway, Hancock and Trulock, the practice also consists of Dr. Michael D. Daugherty, who joined the group in 2002 and Dr. Scott M. Wendland, who joined in 2004.

Albany Urology Clinic and Surgical Center is located on Ospry Court, just off Meredyth Drive in northwest Albany.