Rep. Sanford Bishop issues statement in regard to shutdown

Sanford Bishop Jr.

Sanford Bishop Jr.

WASHINGTON – Rep. Sanford D. Bishop Jr., D-Albany, released a statement Tuesday regarding the failure of Congress to pass a budget or “continuing resolution” to fund the government and keep services open for all Americans:

“As you may have heard, rather than seek a bipartisan consensus, a small minority in the United States Congress resorted to brinksmanship at the 11th hour in order to achieve their goals, forcing the government to shutdown,” Bishop said. “Frankly, I do not believe the founders of our great nation intended for Congress to shun its constitutional and moral responsibility to keep the government operating for all Americans. It’s no wonder that the American people are mighty fed up.

“This partisan bickering is threatening the livelihoods of millions of Americans, rattling the stock market, threatening investments, and potentially disrupting our long-term economic recovery. Locally, many vital services that veterans, seniors, families, small business, and our communities rely on for healthcare, education, and economic development will be delayed. Federal offices have closed and many hard-working Americans are going unpaid.

Bishop added the shutdown will add to the economic burden of many common Americans.

“Everyday Americans employed by the federal government will be met with hardship at work and at home. Rent, taxes, mortgages, children’s tuition, food, and travel all will be impacted as paychecks are delayed,” the congressman said. “As hundreds of thousands of employees wait for their pay, local economies and communities will feel the brunt of Congress’ failure to pass a funding bill.

“Recalling the lessons we learned after the last government shutdown in 1995-1996, I remember firsthand how it affected Middle and Southwest Georgia. It didn’t make sense then and it surely doesn’t make sense now. I remain hopeful that we can stop this manufactured crisis and end this Republican government shutdown for the good of the American people.”