LETTER: Pope is not vicar of Christ

Letter to the editor

In The Albany Herald on Sept. 27, Kathleen Parker had an article about the new Pope Francis. She called him the vicar of Christ.

I would like her or anyone else to show me anywhere in God’s word (the Bible) where it says that the pope is the vicar of Christ. Being the vicar of Christ means, according to Webster’s New Encyclopedia of Dictionaries, standing in for or taking the place of Jesus Christ.

Jesus himself tells the disciples in John 14: 12, 16-18, 26; Luke 24:49; John 15_26; Acts 2:33 that when he leaves, the Father will send the Holy Spirit to act in his place. The holy Spirit is called Comforter, Spirit of Truth, Holy Ghost and Jesus said in John 16:13 that when the Spirit of Truth or Holy Spirit comes, he will lead us into all truth, not in error. Think on these things.