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LETTER: Voters need to be informed on issues

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

The government has shut down. How shall “we the people” survive? The answer is we may survive all the better with government having “closed” for the first time in 17 years. Or is that even fact? Look at the more-than-generous leave allowances our legislators approve for themselves and they get paid for the time off. But now it is a government shutdown. It comes as no surprise, given our dysfunctional system where the people we elect to represent us instead represent themselves.

In the pre-shutdown process, Republicans vowed to shut down Obamacare or delay it for a year to work out the bugs, which are many. They also sought to pass long overdue legislation that made it against the law for Congress to pass legislation from which they were exempt. An example is Congress exempted itself from Obamacare while everyone else in the country must abide by its measures. Harry Reid would have no compromises. It seems he is saying, “We in Xongress are the important people, not you, those whom we govern, and we will shut down the government to protect our elitist status.”

Now the name-calling and accusations continue. Democrats have for some time said Republicans were terrorists, anarchists, wanted people to die for lack of health insurance, etc. Many expressed a wish that opposition to the administration’s goals and objectives would just vanish. Be careful what you wish for.

To clarify, I am neither Republican nor Democrat; I am an independent voter. We citizens need to be aware of what we vote for. Before voting again, I urge you to look at the consequences of your vote. We now have Obamacare and do you know what it is going to cost you in household income? Obamacare ain’t free. Taxes will rise. Please become an informed voter! The future of our country depends on it!