HELDENBERG: Thank you very much, America

Guest commentary

Marty Heldenberg

Marty Heldenberg

Thank you so very much, America, for tightening up those gun laws, getting rid of those existing loopholes at gun shows and making it illegal for a normal citizen to own semi-automatic weapons. I am so happy that you put your self-serving, self-centered, selfish and ridiculous theories before that of safety in our nation.

Thank you very much, America, for allowing our government over the course of the last 30 years to chisel away at mental health institutions and mental health treatment so that it is almost impossible for people suffering from brain disorders to get treatment.

Thank you so much, America, for thinking it is OK to put these people with diseases in prisons with no treatment.

Thank you, America, for sending all of these very young, brave and innocent young men to war where they witness atrocities that their souls cannot process, then giving them no mental health treatment when they come home and have to acclimate back into society.

Thank you very much, America, for saying how patriotic you are, when in reality you are only caring about your best interests.

I am patriotic. I care about what is best for all people in our nation. I really do believe that people should be able to go see a movie, children should be able to go to school, citizens should be able to go to work, and all should be safe and not have to worry about being killed. So, I will do everything I possibly can to change all of the above, and I will start by joining every local, state and national PAC and group that wants the same change.

Another mass shooting, with the first casualty an armed guard shot with his own weapon, and conservatives immediately rush to say there weren’t enough guns on-site, though the reality is an armed citizen has not stopped a mass shooting in 30 years.

Thank you, Rupert Murdoch, for creating an entertainment TV show that you call “news” that uses divisive lies and ratings-fetching opinions to distort, destroy and divide our country!

Thank you, Roger Aisles, for hiring idiot talking heads whot have done nothing but sell their soul to the devil.

Thank you, idiot soul-selling devils, for convincing yourselves that you are important and that your rants and raves on a show that you call “news”are relevant. May you burn in hell for what you are doing to our country!

Thank you, Jeff Zucker, for selling your soul and taking CNN along with you, your greed for ratings and narcissistic desire to beat Faux News has ruined another “news” channel.

Thank you, American people, for believing that either of these entertainment “news” networks have our nation’s — or your — best interests at heart.

All they care about is money, and ratings are money. Explosive, bombshell-breaking, non-fact-checked opinion based on B.S. seems to get the ratings.

Thank you, America, for your many momentary prayers, concern and grief for the victims … again!

Marty Heldenberg, of Parrott, a Southerner by choice, and her husband of 59 years, Don, relocated from Illinois 43 years ago. Having raised their nine children, who are spread far and wide, they are retired — Don from Wal-Mart and Marty from Gayfer’s, and are now parenting four rescued animals at their quiet country home.