LETTER: Obamacare doesn’t have equal access

Letter to the editor

An open letter to Congressman Sanford Bishop:

Two years ago, you stood at the podium at Albany State University and stated that you would enroll in “Obama” care. Did you just talk out the side of your mouth, or are you going to drop your “royal” coverage our elected officials gave themselves; and what about the subsidies for your staff? Since we live in an area of of massive welfare, the working people here pay a premium price for “Obama care” so others can get it free.

If the system “Obama care” is equal, why do we pay more than they do in Atlanta or other metro areas? Are we being penalized because we stayed in south Georgia? Why are the people in North Dakota paying half of what we will pay; or were we led astray by the Democrats? After all, equal is equal — but not in you live in south Georgia.

It also appears that the Democrats think we the people have an endless supply of money to pay state, local and federal taxes. I have been taxed out of my home and I will be moving as soon as my house sells, if ever. After all, who wants to buy a home with the highest millage rate in the state, an absolutely loathsome school system, one of the highest welfare rates, high crime rate and out-of-wedlock births anywhere?

We have subsidized housing, aide to dependent children, free breakfast and lunch at school, peach cards, free phones and more. When is someone going to subsidize me. I busted my a— to make a living. Now you want me to give it to someone else. Let them earn it like I did.

I voted for you you the last election; but never again. You deceived us and hopefully you will never be elected again.