Guns stolen from Moultrie pawn shop

MOULTRIE — Early morning burglars smashed the glass at the front of American Pawn at 1213 First Avenue and made off with quantities of guns and jewelry, store manager Matthew Dennis said. According to Dennis, surveillance video footage from Sept. 24 shows four people in dark ski masks breaking six showcases and stealing items worth an estimated $15,000.

While the stolen jewelry items have yet to be determined, Dennis said 24 handguns and five assault rifles were taken, all of them brand new. Dennis said he hates the idea the guns may end up in the hands of violent criminals.

“You just don’t know if they might be used in a home invasion or something,” Dennis said.

So far, the video hasn’t yielded a lot of leads. Dennis said the burglars were so well-covered when they committed the crime that even race or gender was impossible to determine.

The pawn shop is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to the identification and arrest of the burglars, Dennis said. The store manager asked that anyone with information about the crime call American Pawn at (229) 985-7296 or the Moultrie Police Department at (229) 985-3131.