LETTER: Fetus is term for unwanted baby

Letter to the editor

First let me say that I am a Christian and very pro-life. Many years ago, I was very active in Georgia Right To Life. I believe that life begins at conception and at conception it is human: physically, biologically and spiritually.

After the latest terror attack at the mall in Kenya, many people mourned at the loss of life. Included in those that were killed were a couple that was expecting a baby. President Bill Clinton had a relationship with this couple and gave a speech describing their loss, including their “baby.” It was his word, baby. Not fetus, not potential life, but a baby still in the womb.

A couple of days ago, on “Hannity” on FOX, he was talking with a group of college students, both Republican and Democrats. One Democrat female student said to him, “You call it a baby; I call it a fetus.” I am sorry, but you can’t have it both ways. A baby growing in the womb is either a baby or it is not. A baby in one womb cannot be a human and in another womb be a fetus. It is either one or the other.

So what is the difference? There is only one. The fetus is not wanted by the mother and the baby is. Do you understand the enormity of that? We now live in a society where the difference as to whether someone is allowed to live is based on whether you are wanted or not. How could we have fallen so far in this country? Imagine walking down the street and looking at someone and deciding that you don’t want that person to live and then killing that person and it being legal! Why is it legal for the most defenseless of our society, just because they are not wanted?