LETTER: Halloween nothing for Christians to celebrate

Letter to the editor

In a few weeks, Halloween will be upon us. For many it is an innocent, fun-filled holiday with costumes and candy. However, in reality, there is much more to Halloween than meets the eye.

The American celebration of Halloween rests upon customs traced all the way back to ancient Druids, 2,000 years before the days of Christianity. The earliest Halloween celebrations were held in honor of Samhain, the lord of the dead, whose festival fell on Nov. 1. They believed that on Nov. 1, Samhain called together all the wicked spirits, witches, ghosts, etc. to harm people.

They held the cat as sacred, believing cats had once been human beings who changed as punishment due to evil deeds. To protect oneself from evil spirits, one would set out “treats” to appease the evil spirits. If this wasn’t done, the evil spirits would then “trick” them by casting a spell on the individual.

To both scare and provide protection from the spirits, many people began carving out pumpkins and turnips and placing candles inside them.

In light of the obvious connection that Halloween has to paganism and witchcraft, can any Christian give a spiritual or local reason for celebrating Halloween? Deuteronomy 18:10-13 clearly forbids God’s people to have anything to do with witchcraft or evil spiritualism. Furthermore, in 1st Thessalonians 5:22, Paul commands us to abstain from the appearance of evil.

Should Christians celebrate Halloween? What do you think?



Pastor, Ebenezer Christian Center