Speedy recovery wished for Bishop

As October continues, the focus on cancer becomes more prominent.

While the month is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a successful campaign that has prompted women in America to take steps to ensure that if they have breast cancer it is caught early, it brings with it a general awareness of cancer in general.

If you walk into a room of people, the odds are staggering that anyone you spoke to will have had his or her life affected by cancer, from a personal experience, a family member or a good friend.

We were reminded Friday that cancer is no respecter of persons with the announcement by U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop, D-Albany, that he is battling cancer in his throat and lymph node.

“During the summer,” Bishop said, “I noticed a small lump in my neck near my shirt collar. My doctors conducted some diagnostic tests and discovered that the lump was a lymph node that was involved with a cancer that started in my throat. Last month, I began a course of chemotherapy to shrink the tumor that will be followed by a surgery to remove any that remains.”

Fortunately, it appears the 11-term lawmaker found out about his condition in time for an encouraging prognosis.

“My doctors at the George Washington University Hospital, near the Capitol, carefully searched for other areas of my body that might be involved and found that it was limited to my neck,” Bishop said. “They are optimistic that this tumor will be cured and my therapy will conclude in the next few months. While this is a serious health condition, my faith in God and confidence in my medical team in Washington, and at home, make me equally optimistic.”

The congressman said he expects to only be away from his job for “a brief period” and indicated that he plans to run for re-election.

In making this announcement, Bishop may have an unexpected positive influence on those in his district and beyond. If someone reads his story, is moved to take action and it results in a case that is detected earlier than it would have been, that will be as much of a public service as any work done at the Capitol.

Our best wishes to Rep. Bishop for a speedy and full recovery.

The Albany Herald Editorial Board