LETTER: Republicans should hold the fiscal line

Letter to the editor

The mantra of the mainstream media and the Democrats is the “government shutdown by the Republicans!” Our mamas always taught us “it takes two to tango.” Ruling by crisis (Rahm Emanuel’s strategy) and never “wasting a crisis” is the Benghazi mess, Syrian mess and now this! It gets the other side to make an “emotional” decision. Didn’t our mamas always tell us to “never make an important decision when you are upset”? The establishment is using Kurt Lewin’s group dynamic manipulations and dialectics to put everyone into this “emotional cognitive dissonance”! We all need to take a breath!

Remember the budget deal of 2011 that Reid called “a historic amount” and the president called a “historic deal”? That was when our budget was $3.82 trillion while our income was only $2.17 trillion! The big cut was 1 percent of the total budget! An example I saw was to take off the zeros so we laypeople could understand. This was the equivalent of a family spending yearly $38,200, but only making $21,700, with a credit card balance moving from $142,710 to $159,210! The big cut was $385 a year! Do you think they would keep giving you a credit card? That is what Americans are asking China to do!

Right now, at least, Republicans (not just tea party, but libertarians, conservatives, constitutionalists, ones concerned about their children) are willing to forgo a “political win” and stand on fiscal principles as the administration says, “We don’t care how long the shutdown goes because we are winning.” Someone is caring more about politics than people! Wink, wink.

When Sanford Bishop, during his Obamacare rah-rah session, had his 350-pound bouncer remove a dissenter from the microphone (free speech not allowed), a reporter asked me, “Why are you against Obamacare?” I said, “We cannot afford it; we are broke.” We certainly cannot now! Buck up, government employees (I have family employed)! You will probably be paid for your time off! My family lost health insurance in the last three years, 40 percent of retirement, and our income is down 20 percent. The private sector has been suffering in Obamaland for a long time, and Obamacare is one cause of it! Hold the line on spending and the budget!