EDC 'Party Pack' features Albany-made goods

ALBANY — Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission Director of Marketing and Existing Industries Barbara Rivera Holmes is nothing if not passionate about EDC projects showcasing Albany, especially the video that will be unveiled Monday at the statewide Georgia Economic Development Association meeting in Macon.

In noting that the video is not called “229 Party Pack: For a Good Time Anywhere,” as reported in this newspaper Thursday, Holmes pointed out that the “party pack” is actually the key ingredient of a promotional program coordinated by the EDC.

“We’re excited about the video, but I don’t want people to confuse it with the ‘229 Party Pack,’” Holmes said Thursday. “The party pack is a promotional package highlighting Albany-made products. It includes Kudos, Peanut M&Ms, Combos, either a roll of Charmin toilet tissue or Bounty paper towels, and Redd’s Apple Ale. Those are all products made by Albany companies.

“The 229 Party Pack also includes a buy-one, get-one-free coupon for city attractions.”

The video, which highlights “all Albany has to offer,” uses footage from 723 clips shot at various sites in Albany (however, not at P&G, as was also reported by The Herald). The three-person production crew that gathered footage for the video traveled 200 miles within the county over a day and a half to get the video footage.

After showcasing the video for state economic developers, the EDC will unveil it to its executive board at the board’s November meeting before offering it to its partners for download on their websites.