Public Safety for Metro Guide 2014


Albany and Dougherty County residents are covered by four law enforcement agencies and one fire department.

Albany Police Department: 201 West Oglethorpe Blvd.; phone (229) 431-2100; emergency: 911; Chief John Proctor.

The Albany police department has an authorized strength of 212 officers, including nine grant officers, who provide a full range of police services within the city including calls for service responses, the Gang Task Force, Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit, criminal investigations and special operations functions.

Dougherty County Police Department: 2106 Habersham Road; phone (229) 430-6600; emergency: 911; Chief Jackie Battle.

The Dougherty Police Department has about 50 officers, patrols mainly outside Albany’s city limits and handles incidents in the county’s unincorporated area.

Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office: 225 Pine Ave.; phone (229) 431-3259; emergency: 911; Dougherty County Jail, 1302 Evelyn Ave., phone (229) 430-6500; Sheriff Kevin Sproul.

The sheriff’s office maintains a total staff of 250 full-time deputies, detention officers and civilians, as well several part-time deputies, officers and bailiffs. The sheriff’s office oversees the jail, serves warrants and court summonses and provides bailiffs and security for court functions.

Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit: 700 Pine Ave.; phone (229) 430-5150; emergency: 911; Maj. Bill Berry, unit commander.

The Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit consists of 27 members. There are 12 from the Albany Police Department, 12 from the Dougherty County Police Department, two from the District Attorney’s Office and one commander from outside the unit. The commander is from outside the above agencies and reports directly to the ADDU Policy and Review Board. The unit deals with the sale and distribution of illegal drugs in the city and county. It assists state and federal agencies in drug enforcement. It also assists in under-age alcohol enforcement and other crimes associated with vice.

Albany Fire Department: 320 N. Jackson St.; phone (229) 431-3262; emergency 911; Chief James Carswell.

The Albany Fire Department covers the city and county with an authorized 212 employees and 11 stations. It responds to fires, hazardous materials calls and does rescues including river rescues and vehicle extraction.

Albany-Dougherty Emergency Management Agency: Albany Fire Department, 320 N. Jackson St.; phone (229) 431-2155; emergency: 911; Director James Carswell.

Carswell and Jim Vaught, deputy director, focus on the protection of human life and property during and after disasters including hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and lightening strikes.

Georgia State Patrol Post 40-Albany: 830 Liberty Expressway S.E.; phone (229) 430-6585; emergency: 911; post commander Sgt. First Class Shawn Urquhart.

The Georgia State Patrol handles traffic violations, and investigates accident reports. In Albany, there are three supervisors and eight troopers who patrol Dougherty, Lee, Worth and Baker counties.

Federal Bureau of Investigation — Albany office: 235 West Roosevelt Ave.; phone (229) 434-1489; 24-hour Atlanta number (404) 679-9000.

The Albany FBI office investigates federal crimes in Dougherty, Lee, Worth, Calhoun, Dooly, Sumter, Terrell, Turner and Wilcox counties with the assistance of law enforcement agencies in those counties.


Lee County, Leesburg and Smithville residents are covered by two law-enforcement agencies and one fire/emergency medical services department.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office: Lee County Criminal Justice Center, 119 Pinewood Road, and Lee County Courthouse, 100 Leslie Highway; Sheriff (229) 759-6012 Jail phone: (229) 759-3327, courthouse office phone: (229) 759-6012; emergency: 911; Sheriff Reggie Rachals.

With a budgeted staff of 92, the sheriff’s office has 42 deputies one part-time deputy and one assigned to the Lee County Jail. There are 28 detention officers and 13 dispatchers with three administrative personnel. It is responsible for enforcing federal, state, and county laws within the county. The office provides security for all courts, processes court orders, patrols the county, maintains the Neighborhood Watch Program and operates the criminal justice center.

Leesburg Police Department: 107 Walnut Ave. phone (229) 759-6464; emergency: 911. Chief Charles Moore has a budgeted staff of 11 and is responsible for schools, enforcing traffic and city laws.

Lee County Fire and Emergency Management Agency: 342 Leslie Highway; phone (229) 759-6090; emergency: 911; Chief James Howell.

The county fire department serves Lee County, Leesburg and Smithville. The department operates from six stations with 30-full-time and 15-part-time firefighters as well as 20 volunteers.

Lee County Emergency Medical Services: 934 U.S. Highway 19 South; phone (229) 435-5419; emergency: 911; Director Bobby Watkins.

The department provides emergency ambulance treatment and, if necessary, transport to hospital facilities. All 46 county EMS personnel are certified paramedics or emergency medical technicians. The department operates five ambulances from five 24-hour stations.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation: 321 McMath Mill Road, Americus at (229) 931-2439; 24-hour number: (404) 244-2600, Danny Jackson, special agent in charge. The Americus GBI office assists law-enforcement agencies in Lee, Sumter, Stewart, Schley, Webster, Macon, Crisp, Chattahoochee and Marion counties with criminal investigations.


Worth County, Sylvester, Poulan and Warwick residents are covered by four law enforcement agencies and two fire departments. In Sylvester, a Georgia Bureau of Investigation office investigates criminal cases in Dougherty and Worth counties.

The Albany post of the Georgia State Highway Patrol enforces traffic laws in Worth County as well.

The Albany FBI office deals with federal crimes in Dougherty, Lee and Worth counties.

Worth County Sheriff’s Office: 201 N. Main St.; phone (229) 776-8211; emergency: 911; Sheriff Jeff Hobby.

The sheriff’s office employs 32 including an administrative assistant. There are 21 deputies, and 10 jail staff. The sheriff’s office runs the jail, provides court security, picks up prisoners and patrols the county, and serves and processes civil warrants. After 4 p.m., 911 dispatchers answer the phone and dispatch deputies.

Sylvester Police Department: 102 South Isabella St.; phone (229) 776-8500; emergency: 911; Chief Robert Wayne Jennings.

The Sylvester Police Department has 31 employees and responds to incidents that happen within the city limits.

Poulan Police Department: 204 Hunton St.; phone: (229) 776-4096; emergency: 911; Chief Larry Whisenant.

Warwick Police Department: 126 Washington St.; phone 535-6283; emergency: 911; Chief David Morris. Morris has a staff of one full-time and five part-time officers.

Sylvester Fire Department: 101 N. Westbury St.; phone (229) 776-8511; emergency: 911; Chief Chris Duncan.

The department operates from one station with 12 full-time firefighters and 10 volunteers. They respond to fires and emergencies within the city limits and aid outside city limits when the county requests.

Worth County Fire and Rescue: 203 E. Willingham St.; phone (229) 776-8223; It operates under Capt. Ray Salter, Capt. Tom Whittington and Capt. John Graddy.

The county fire and rescue department operates from one building with 18 employees. There are also 14 volunteer fire stations throughout the county with about 100 volunteers who respond to emergency calls in the county.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation: 2960 U.S. Highway 82 West; phone (229) 777-2080; Kim Baker, special agent in charge.

The Sylvester office of the GBI assists law enforcement agencies with criminal investigations in Baker, Calhoun, Clay, Dougherty, Early, Quitman, Randolph, Terrell, Tift and Worth counties. It has three agents assigned to drug investigations.


Terrell County Sheriff’s Office; 3108 Albany Highway; phone (229) 995-4488; emergency: 911; Sheriff John Bowens.

The Terrell County Sheriff’s Office serves warrants, operates the county jail, and provides law enforcement services for county courts. It employs eight deputies, one investigator and 19 jail personnel.

Dawson Police Department: 432 Crawford St.; phone (229) 995-4414; emergency: 911; Chief Charlie Whitehead.

The Dawson Police Department employs 18 officers and provides law enforcement in the city.

Terrell County Fire Department: 3110 Albany Highway, Dawson; phone (229) 995-5381; emergency: 911; Chief Edward Harvey.

The Terrell County Fire Department responds to fires, public hazards and other issues of public safety in the unincorporated areas of the county.

Dawson Fire Department: 308 N. Main St.; phone (229) 995-4455; emergency: 911; Chief Charlie Whitehead.

The Dawson Fire Department responds to calls within Dawson, but can also be called into the county through interlocal agreements.


Baker County Sheriff’s Office: 167 Baker Place, Newton; phone (229) 734-3003; emergency: 911; Sheriff Dana Meade.

The Baker County Sheriff’s Office employs a staff of nine including the sheriff for patrolling the county, serving warrants and serving the court system.

Newton Police Department: 146 Georgia Highway 91, Newton; phone (229) 734-5421; emergency: 911; Chief Jesse Rivers. Rivers and three part-time officers patrol the city.