Simple Halloween Treats

Ghostly hands are easy to make and pack a creepy punch.

Ghostly hands are easy to make and pack a creepy punch.

Halloween brings costumes, decorations, haunted houses, scary movies, eerie music and lots of fun, for kids and grownups alike. Special snacks do not have to be a lot of work to add to a delightfully spooky party. The examples here are just a few ways to enjoy Halloween without spending hours in the kitchen or stretching the budget until it screams like it has seen a ghost.

Handy Punch

Fill two pairs of clear plastic gloves with water. Tie the ends tightly. Place the ‘hands’ on waxed paper, with the fingers slightly spread, on a flat space in the freezer. Allow plenty of time for them to freeze completely.

Any punch recipe will work but here is an especially easy one:

Two (64 ounce) bottles of Juicy Juice fruit juice

One (12 ounce) thawed can of frozen lemonade concentrate

Four (12 ounce) cans of ginger ale

Mix thoroughly

Just before the first guests arrive, place two frozen hands in the filled punch bowl. As the hands begin to melt, replace them with the other hands. For a very large bowl (or a lengthy party), it may be wise to freeze additional gloves.


Mary Braswell

Witchy hats add some cackle to the table.

Witch Hats

Using any flat chocolate cookie, turn the cookies bottom side up on a flat surface.

“Glue” one Hershey’s Kiss in the center with a spot of frosting taking care not to use too much.

Around the base of the Kiss, run a bead of orange frosting (small tubes work best) to trim the hat.


Mary Braswell

The devilishly delicious sandwiches have a hauntingly realistic look.

Worm Sandwiches

What you will need:


Buns or dinner rolls


Water and a pan



Slice the hotdogs into long narrow strips.

Boil the strips until they curl (and look like worms).

Toss the hot strips in ketchup and pile them in a bun.

Cut the bun into four or more pieces making sure the ‘worms’ hang out a bit.

Place a toothpick in each sandwich.

Note: The thinner the slices, the better they will curl. Remember to allow some of the worms to hang out of the bread.


Mary Braswell

Marshmallow Pops are both fun and easy to make.

Marshmallow Pops

What you will need:

Giant white marshmallows

Lollipop sticks or craft sticks

Black gel writer (in a small tube)


Using the tube of gel, draw a face on each marshmallow.

Allow the marshmallows to sit for 15-20 minutes so the face can set.

When the faces are set, insert a stick partially into the marshmallow. Tip: Inserting the stick too far will allow the marshmallow to slide down the stick.

Stick the pops in Styrofoam. Seen here is a piece of an orange pool noodle sliced in half.

Note: This can serve as a centerpiece but allow them to be “picked” and eaten.


Mary Braswell

These spidery treats make Oreos fun to eat.

Oreo Spiders

What you will need:

Oreo cookies

Stick pretzels

Cinnamon Candies

Frosting (use the orange and black tubes)


Open the cookie and squeeze some of the orange frosting inside

Stick the pretzels to the frosting, four on each side.

Add just a bit more frosting and replace the top cookie.

Glue two cinnamon candies on top for eyes, using the black gel writer to hold them in place.