Terrell County - Metro Guide 2014

Terrell County, Sasser. (file photo)

Terrell County, Sasser. (file photo)

Named for Dr. William Terrell, a state senator, congressman and founder of the agriculture chair position at the University of Georgia, Terrell County is largely rural.

Comprising county seat Dawson and smaller communities including Sasser, Parrot and Bronwood, Terrell County takes up 338 square miles, which includes 2.26 square miles of water area. It is bordered by Dougherty, Lee, Randolph, Sumter, Webster and Calhoun counties. It was carved from portions of Randolph and Lee counties through an act of the Georgia General Assembly in 1856.

According to a 2012 estimate, Terrell County is home to 9,045 residents — 274 fewer than reflected in the census of 2011. Population density is roughly 28 people per square mile.

Nearly 66 percent of Terrell’s residents age 25 or over are reported to have obtained a high school diploma, with 10 percent holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. The average household size is 2.5 persons.

In 2011, the median household income in the county was $30,953. The median residence value was $75,400.

What is now Terrell County was the scene of a famous Creek Indian uprising, the Battle of Echouanotchaway Swamp, coming after the burning of Richmond in 1836.

Additional information about the county and its services can be found at www.terrellcounty-ga.com.


A famous Spanish peanut market, Dawson was incorporated in December 1875. Its namesake, William C. Dawson, was a lawyer and soldier from Georgia who served in the U.S. Senate in 1849.

After Atlanta was captured and burned in the Civil War, Georgia Gov. Joseph E. Brown established a refugee camp in Dawson for 300 women and children who had fled the city. Dawson is the county seat of Terrell.


Resting near Terrell county’s border with Sumter County, the Bronwood community is located off State Highway 118. The town, which was originally called Brown’s Station, was incorporated in 1883.


Parrott is Terrell County’s northern-most municipality and is just a few miles from the Webster County border. According to census data, in 2010 the town had a population of 156.


Incorporated in 1890, Sasser is Terrell County’s southeastern-most community. The town was named for one of its pioneering residents, Abraham Sasser.