Several contract workers released at Marine Depot Maintenance Command

MCLB-ALBANY —Officials at Marine Corps Logistics Base-Albany have confirmed that the Marine Depot Maintenance Command on board the base released 15 contract workers on Friday due to a recent decrease in workload at the depot.

Officials called it a standard procedure at the depot depending on how the activity fluctuates.

“Workload demands at the Marine Depot Maintenance Command have forced officials to scale back on some of its contract personnel,” a statement released to media by Capt. Justin Jacobs, public affairs officer at the base, said. “Fifteen contractors were recently released due to the ebbs and flows in the depot’s workload. This is standard practice and these contractors may be recalled depending on the future workload demands. No government employees have been released.”

Jacobs told The Albany Herald that the impacted workers would likely be recalled back in the next few days.