JAMES BALCH: Obamacare is creating a mess of things

Letter to the Editor: Under Obamacare, $750 billion is being moved from Medicare to Medicaid

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

After reading more about “Obamacare,” I have a question for all those folks who make a living by doing nothing. How is it that $750 billion will be stolen from Medicare and deposited into the accounts of Medicaid? The people who worked for this security and pay into it monthly now will have to pay for you. Every doctor visit, every test will now cost us more so you can get something free.

While you may have voted to re-elect Obama, did you fully understand how he and the Democrats were going to steal my health insurance? Do you understand that doctors do not work free? Office staff has to be paid, lights, water and etc. Oh, I forgot. You don’t give a damn that a projected 18 million people will lose their health insurance and our working class will now have to cover additional cost on every visit. Another 100 million or so will have to reduce their coverage because they cannot afford the additional cost, as much as 2 to 3 times what they are paying now. Many are going to have to pay the penalty and do without insurance … so you can get it free.

Why has it cost $400 million to get a website to work (what a joke) after an initial projection of $94 million, and still is not complete? The estimated total cost will be somewhere around $600 million, but do you care? Do you care that it was farmed out to a Canadian company? Do you care that a Harvard grad said it could be done for substantially less by an American company?

The lead campaigner-in-chief should take responsibility for this mess, but no one is counting on it!