WALT SPECHT: Churches spend, but are they helping?

Letter to the Editor: Money spent on buildings and salaries could help poor

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

You have but to look at many of the churches around this area to realize the temples and idols are built. They but await the Lord’s judgment.

These structures speak to self aggrandizement and hefty contractor profits. Imagine what good the money these structures represent could accomplish in the Lord’s work. Just the monthly power bill from these palaces would easily fund the needs of seniors on fixed incomes and choosing between food and needed pharmaceuticals.

The salaries, benefits and rent-free homes and cars of the leaders and staff of these churches could fund food for all those that legitimately need it. Just where in the Bible does it say a preacher or church assistant should earn a handsome living while doing the Lord’s work? Exactly what did it say about temples and idols (and, yes, some of these preachers are idols)?

If you believe this will buy your way into Heaven, I suggest you read the Bible and take it for what it says, not for what someone tells you it says. Now, I am not a person of great faith and I certainly don’t believe in this organized religion. I do believe if you lead a good life, obey the commandments and treat people decently, the gates of heaven will open for you every bit as fast as they will for those following the practice of throwing money into an institution which they believe will get them to heaven despite what they have done in their lives.