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Get ready for the frenzy

ALBANY HERALD EDITORIAL: Halloween will launch the busy end-of-the-year activities as people rush through Thanksgiving and Christmas to the new year.

This might be a good day to sit back for a second and catch a deep breath.

It’s going to get really busy.

On Thursday, trick-or-treaters will be out for Halloween, while other costumed kids will opt for harvest festivals and the like that churches and organizations conduct. Almost as quickly as the candy is brought back home and the costume is stored away, the rapid fire succession of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day will start.

And at some point, we’ll all wonder where the time went.

The answer is it will have gone into whatever you chose to do with it.

The last two months of the year are the ones that many people look most forward to. But they can also be the most stressful as folks go over guest lists, plan parties and activities, try to squeeze in visits, hit the shopping malls, engage in entertainment activities and generally get in a frenzy while also putting in 40 hours at the work.

It’s little wonder that such a demanding time often leads to holiday blues and, when the stress gets to be too much, lashing out at loved ones.

We should step back a moment and think about what’s ahead. We should also realize that, as hard as we try, we’ll never have a perfect holiday season. There will always be something forgotten, overlooked or missed. As much as people strive for the “perfect” Christmas, for instance, the reality always falls short of the goal.

The fact is, that very first Christmas — which didn’t occur in the dead of winter — is the only perfect one.

Maybe that’s what we should keep in mind as the holiday rush closes in on us. How much do things really matter? What’s most important to you?

That’s the place to start — deciding what’s really important. Start there, and don’t get trapped by the trappings of the season. The shiny glitter of the holidays disappears, but the warm glow of wonderful memories stays with you.

The quality time spent with family and friends is what will be remembered — and cherished — the most in the years and decades to come.

The Albany Herald Editorial Board