NADINE M. MATHIS: U.S. cannot afford another shutdown

Letter to the Editor: Greed and power led to U.S. federal government shutdown

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I am positive that greed and power are two main things that have led to where we are. “Why I’ve been there!” Two grocery stores, five houses and lots more.

Our nation cannot interfere in the right way to do business. We, as a nation, need to know everything must start at home for us to be honest, humble, kind, loving people and to realize one day at a time is all we have.

People do not honor one another and this is sad. Homes are broken up. There are more vacant houses in the United States than ever before. The past 17 days (federal government shutdown) were like no one has ever seen. It was unbearable.

If this should happen again, we may not come back to sanity. To whomever does this again, you are finished. Beware of evil doings. Our God will step in and finish the course.