'Woman Talk' about female empowerment

ALBANY — Women, be forewarned: Do not — repeat DO NOT — engage Pamela Miller in any stories about your “other” or “better half.”

“Any time someone says that to me, I just have to set them straight,” said Miller, who with her husband, Timothy Miller Sr., is co-pastor of Majestic Kingdom Embassy in Camilla. “God didn’t make any half-people. He made us whole beings from the beginning. Only God is able to take two whole people and make them another whole being.

“But don’t give me any of this ‘better half’ stuff.”

That’s the kind of frank talk women can expect Saturday when Pamela Miller, joined by other special guests, hosts “Woman Talk” at 1015 Broad Ave. in Albany. The program, which promises “enlightenment” for attendees, starts at 5 p.m. and is free.

“There are things that women need to be knowledgeable of,” Miller said. “We sponsor this program to promote healthy marriages. You see so many woman — and so many churches — stipulate that women shouldn’t do this or that with their husband. But that’s not from God. That’s man.

“We’re going to share things with women, build their self-confidence, help empower them. The things we’ll talk about are spiritual things.”

Miller promises Woman Talk participants will learn more about their own bodies, gain wisdom that promotes healthy relationships and become motivated individuals.

“The Lord said everything he created is good, very good,” Miller, a New Jersey native who has degrees in nursing and early childhood education, said. “We all have things happen in our lives that make us feel unworthy at times, but we’ll help women overcome that. Through Christ, all things are possible. We want to see women become who they want to be and who God wants them to be.”

Along with frank discussions, Woman Talk attendees will take part in activities such as facials, cleansing, makeovers, beauty tips and an exotic dance class.

“So many women are shy and timid about intimacy,” Miller said. “We don’t want women to feel ashamed about their desires and fantasies with their husbands. It’s about communication.”

For additional information about Woman Talk, contact Miller at (229) 343-4913.