Online auction to include high-profile shopping center

ALBANY — One of the more visible strip shopping centers in Albany is on the auction block. More accurately, it’s on the auction web site.

The four-unit shopping center at 2601 Stuart Ave. adjacent to Albany Mall may be sold on Sept. 11. The center is most commonly known as the home of Plantation Gallery and the former home of Blockbuster Video.

Rather than the typical auction with a tent, live music and barking auctioneers, this auction is being handled online at Rowellauctions.com.

Jason Wiggins of Rowell Auctions Inc. of Moultrie says it’s “competitive bidding at its best.”

The bidding works like typical online bidding sites such as eBay. However, Wiggins said the bidding is subject to an automatic extended bidding feature. When the 2 p.m. deadline arrives on Sept. 11, Wiggins said bidders have 10 minutes to up the bid.

As long as the bid keeps rising, the auction continues. Wiggins said he recently sold a $2 million home through an online auction in which the bidding was extended for almost two hours.

“We tried this five or six years ago, and have worked through he kinks,’ Wiggins said. “We found there are sophisticated bidders out there so we went to the extended bidding.”

Wiggins would not venture a sales price for the shopping center, which is located at one of the busiest intersections in Southwest Georgia. The property ow owned by Tommy and Tammy Walden, he said.

“We have a reserve, so it’s not an absolute auction,” he said. “The sellers can accept or reject the high bid.”

The auction includes the real estate only and does not alter the operation of the existing businesses in the center.

The center is located on a 1.45-acre tract with space for 78 vehicles. The shopping center covers 10,976 square feet.

Several other properties are included in the online auction by Rowell, including 958 acres of timber and recreation land. Wiggins said 506 acres are in Sumter County with Webster having the balance.

“With all the wet weather, this has been getting a lot of attention because it has so much timber that can be cut for cash now,’ Wiggins said. “Timber companies have been interested because they are not able to get on some of their land now.”

Other tracts up for auction include 10 mobile home lots in Lee County. “That’s pretty unique,” Wiggins said. “That’s pretty unheard of because of the zoning there.”

Also for sale are:

— A 1.274-acre commercial lot in Lee county at Highway 32 and highway 91.

— Fourteen acres offered divided at Thundering Springs Road in Lee County.

— thirdteen acres at Philema road and Thundering Springs Road in Lee County.

— Fourteen acres on White Pond Road in Lee County.

— An office building and corner lot at 902 W. Oakridge Drive.