BJERREGAARD: Syrian involvement won't win U.S. friends

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Do we have a free press? Dale Havlak, along with another journalist, wrote an article explaining who released the chemical weapons on the Syrian people. She has been a reporter in Middle East (currently with AP and also with NPR) for 20-plus years. She interviewed many people and Muslim rebels, who took the blame, lost some of their own men because they were given the weapons but not told how to use them. (So, basically, it was an accident!)

We are now going to war against Assad, who did not do it. Assad was winning and did not need to tick off the world by doing this. This is a Muslim Sunni vs. Shiite War (Obama was raised in Sunni Indonesia). I am no fan of Assad, who is colluding with Iran and Russia. However, I am also no fan of Muslim Brotherhood and Nusra and al-Qaeda either. Well, the John Kerry family had dinner with Assad in Damascus in 2009. Does that make Kerry an enemy?

We need to follow the Saudi money and Prince Bandar. All mainstream media are not carrying this story from a veteran reporter? So, we will offer up our children’s blood for those who hate America, are killing Christians and burning Christian churches, and are calling us infidels. How did we gain from helping the Bosnian Muslims after a false story of Serbs killing Muslims incited us to bomb the Serbs? Do Muslims like us better? Support us? Tolerate our Christianity? Or maybe kill us like at Fort Hood?

Wake up, America! How truly dumbed down in America our congressmen are. They just voted for war in the Senate committee. We better write and call!