DAVIS: Syria intervention a no-win for U.S.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I do not profess to be a foreign policy expert, but as I mentally review our support of countries in Asia and the Middle East in recent years, I do have some difficulty with the Syrian situation.

The Iranians decided that the shah had to go, and our government refused to support the shah and his regime, so look who took over and try to remember the ensuing bloodbath. Russia attacked Afghanistan in December 1979 and withdrew forces in February 1989. During this time, the United States supported the Taliban, or Mujahideen, and look who is fighting against our forces now in Afghanistan. That is right. The Taliban.

We voiced support to overthrowing the Egyptian regime of Mubarak. Now look at the situation in that country now. We supported the overthrow of Khadafi in Libya, and look what we got from that — the loss of four brave Americans.

Now look at Syria. There is a revolution in that country. I am not at all saying that Assad has been a good guy, but look at the leadership in the rebel forces and from whom they are getting military support. The Iranian government is providing all sorts of military hardware to al-Qaeda in its fight against Assad. The relationship between Syria and the United States has not been rosy at all, but once Assad is gone — assuming that he will be defeated — then Sharia Law under al-Qaeda will spring into action. We went to war with Iraq and Afghanistan. We are out of Iraq, but look at how friendly Iraq is to the United States today. Iran continues to defy the world with her continued effort for nuclear arms.

The United States is not very well thought of by the resulting governments that we sort-of supported. And when Assad is gone, Syria will be another country that hates us. One of the goals of Islam is worldwide dominion. Any country that does not subscribe to Islam has nothing bargain or negotiate with.

We need to stay away from attacking Syria.