BRYANT: Governments must live within means

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

This morning while waiting for NBC, I watched an ABC station. The station claimed to be sponsored by the United States Postal Service.

All news media claim that the USPS is operating in the red, and the possibility of Saturday closure. Where is this money coming from for adverisements?

If our so-called intelligent and experienced inspectors and oversight committees continue to allow debt to get out of hand, we will always have bad results. An example of this is Jefferson County, Ala., claiming to be over $3 billion in debt. This may sound familiar: improper payments, questionable eligibility, fraud or abuse, and overspending all adding to the problems.

All government officials, no matter the capacity, are supposed to be responsible adults. If some of our citizens that pay taxes can budget for their households, why can’t our elected officials? Harry Reid says let’s be respectful. McConnell says even though we are exhausted, it is a bright day!