Fall into fall fashion

This year’s fall fashions include solids and prints in a variety of textures, from tweed to leather.

This year’s fall fashions include solids and prints in a variety of textures, from tweed to leather.


Top ten must-haves for the fall season

If you enjoy the traditional colors of autumn, then you’ll love this year’s fall fashion color scheme.

With rich hues of purple, deep pink, gray and brown, this year’s palette pairs classic colors with cutting-edge styles for a winning combination.

“Purple seems to be a big color this year,” noted one local J.C. Penney employee. “I like it.”

But if those colors aren’t quite your style, there are other options.

For a pop of brighter color, this year’s scheme also includes brighter shades of blue and green along with the occasional pop of shocking orange — but this orange isn’t on a hunting vest.

In short, there’s something for everyone.

“This fall is bringing an irrespirable array of colors and styles. While green is making a comeback, we’re seeing the beautiful berry tones dominate a brilliant autumnal palette,” said Belk’s Vice President of Fashion Direction Arlene Goldstein.

And it’s not just about the color. The fall season ushers in a variety of styles to suit (pun intended) both shoppers who love the classics and those looking for a little edge.

“Style wise, we’re noticing a full spectrum of choices, something for everyone. Classic styles are becoming more important while staying individualized and showing a menswear influence. At the same time, a thoroughly modern mindset is prevalent in fall fashion with organic lines and sculptural shapes being effortlessly cutting edge — along with a-line shapes, asymmetric cuts, exposed zips and boxy silhouettes. Textiles like patent, innovative synthetics, dense double knits and creative leathers also exude an ultra-modern vibe,” Goldstein said.

So, just what does all that include?

A variety of items, as it turns out.

Bold geometric prints, leather, plaid and shiny metallics dominate the fall line. And for those who never throw anything away, there’s good news. This season is also known as the return of 90’s style grunge and punk looks. If you’re a child of the ’90s, it’s just might be time to pull out those old styles, dust them off and rock the look once again.

Peplum shirts are also a popular item on store clothing racks. In a variety of colors, prints and textures, peplum shirts are fitted at the top, then flair out into a ruffle around the waist, making it a good option for all body types, whether you want to add a little curve or hide a little pudge from your frame.

“Another fantastic trend we love is one I call the Glam Globetrotter,” Goldsteing said. “Glam Globetrotter shows off tantalizing textures, setting it apart with jacquards, metallic and sheer fabrics. Unexpected colors do not keep quiet and ornate embroideries attract attention. It’s a fantastic fall trend for any body type and oh so flattering.”

But if new styles are your thing; don’t fret — some items are called classics for a reason.

“Fitted blazers seem to be a hot item this fall,” J.C. Penney employee Alexis said. “They’re classic, but you can still pair them with a modern shirt, like the peplum, and be good to go. You can dress it up or down, depending on where you’re going.”

For the working girl, cuffed, tailored dresses are another stylish and accessible option.

But remember, it’s not just about clothes — accessories make the outfit. And this season offers a lot of them. Bold, metallic gold and silver pieces dominate the jewelry front, while smaller clutches and handbags featuring fall’s color scheme are the new “little black bag.” Accessories such as jewelry and shoes also provide a way to express yourself without going over the top. A metallic shoe, necklace or handbag paired with a classic tailored dress remains appropriately professional while allowing a little bit of personality and creative touch to shine as well.

That’s the great thing about fall; it’s all about trying the new. With cooler weather, layering pieces makes pulling creative looks together an easier task with an endless combination of options. And no matter what year it is, some pieces just never go out of style. You can never go wrong with a nice top, a comfy sweater and a good pair of dark jeans.

Experiment and find out what works for you. Don’t be afraid to try something new — or bring out that top you loved in high school; it may be making a comeback. Whatever you choose to wear, make it your own. If you love it, then own it — and make whatever you like your own personal style.