Worth County Grand Jury returns no-bill in police dog's death

TIFTON — A Worth County grand jury has declined to indict a Warwick police officer whose police dog died while locked in his police vehicle in September 2012.

A news release from Tifton Judicial Circuit District Attorney Paul Bowden, whose circuit includes Worth County, and county Solicitor General Bryce Johnson stated that on Sept. 4 the Worth County Grand Jury returned a no-bill against Warwick police officer Thomas Seth Frye in the death of police dog Sasha.

An investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation determined that Sasha died inside the vehicle.

“It is believed that the dog was able to use her teeth and jaw to open the vehicle door and climbed inside, but was unable to get out,” the prosecutors said. “The dog’s ability to open vehicle doors was known by independent witnesses familiar with the animal.

“She was also known to have a fear of loud noises and may have entered Frye’s vehicle during a thunderstorm at a time when Frye was not present at the residence.”

The Grand Jury was given a document that included the option of charging Frye with misdemeanor cruelty to animals and heard evidence presented by a GBI agent, who also answered jurors questions. After debating the issue, the Grand Jury returned a no-bill.

The case was presented to the Grand Jury by the District Attorney’s Office and the Worth County solicitor general.