Yoga studio open for business

ALBANY - Albany’s latest addition to the business community is 229 Yoga, a studio dedicated entirely to the discipline designed to improve the body and mind.

Located at 2620 Dawson Road, Unit C, 229 Yoga is owned by longtime yoga instructor Penny Gregorio. Classes are taught by several instructors, including Beverly Burt, Amy Fix and Laura Terry.

“We offer all types of yoga,” said representative Leah Ryals. “From transcendental meditation to traditional yoga techniques, we have a variety to offer.

“Yoga isn’t just about being flexible; the discipline not only helps you feel better mentally and physically, but it can be used as therapy for injuries, arthritis, or prenatal preparation.”

One of Gregorio’s former yoga students can testify to that.

“A student was working at his house one day when he fell from a ladder,” said Ryals. “He was injured pretty badly, but he was still able to use breathing techniques he learned from yoga to gather his wits and get himself help. He told us later that if he had not learned those skills, he didn’t know what he would have done.”

“So many people just don’t know how to breathe properly,” she continued. “Athlete or not, not knowing how to properly control your breathing after exertion, in moments of panic, or other situations, greatly limits physical and mental capacities. Yoga is vital for helping to change that.”

And for those who may not enjoy cardio or running, there’s good news.

“Anyone can do yoga,” Ryals said. “You don’t have to be in shape in order to enjoy it.”

According to Gregorio, many of her students in this area are men 50 years of age or older.

“Whatever your needs are, we can address that,” Ryals said. “From improving health issues to preventing them, yoga is a great way to help yourself.”

The studio is located behind Austin’s Firegrill. For more information, call (229) 338-9025.