LETTER: Obama proved serious on Syria

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Charles Krauthammer wrote an article in The Herald Sept. 8 titled, “Unless he’s serious, vote no on Syria.” I disagree; the president is very serious about limited military intervention.

Krauthammer writes there is a problem because the president proposed attacking Syria, yet Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, didn’t seem to know the objectives. He also describes the commander in chief’s actions as zig zag, laughable; consequently, he felt compelled to question the seriousness of the president’s proposal.

Krauthammer used a considerable amount of ink to justify his opinion. However, President Putin though otherwise. He has proposed that Assad admits he has chemical weapons, even though just a few days ago Assad has strongly denied he had weapons of mass destruction. Assad has now agreed with Putin to sign the International Norm and that a diplomatic solution is agreed upon. President Obama has agreed to put his request on hold. The weight is now on President Putin to follow through

It’s my opinion, President Obama doesn’t speak without thinking or make spontaneous decisions going back to his Harvard days as a chess player. His mode of operation (MO) is calculating and deliberate.

Several actions may come of this. No doubt, Obama is very aware of his political risk. First, it is doubtful that Obama would get the necessary votes from Congress. Secondly, I believe Obama in his wisdom laid the groundwork at the G20 Conference for Putin to take the lead for diplomatic solution. Third, Obama was never overly enthusiastic about military intervention. He is concerned about doing the right thing and morally against chemical warfare as a whole; especially the 400 children that died. Perhaps Obama has adopted Teddy Roosevelt’s policy of speak softly but carry a big stick.