LETTER: Families need solid foundation

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Why are houses in the Albany ares not selling? On Yahoo and on TV I see and read that there is a shortage of housing nationwide. Yet, in our area we cannot give them away. Why? Several conclusions can be made, but not limited to: horrible school system (Lee County has lower taxes and a much better rated school system), high taxes, crime rate, and on and on. I see all the programs designed to help and I see these programs doing for others what they will not do for themselves.

I was in church when I heard Dr. Don Adams’ sermon regarding a solid foundation. This got me thinking of all the implications such a subject could be. The one I came up with that has the most implications was the foundation I got from my parents — the Ten Commandments, hard work, honesty and self reliance. The CNN news channel brought to light that a single mother with two children gathers $38,000 in annual benefits, tax free. What kind of foundation is this? Cracked and fractured and sure to fail. When people get more for not working and glean dollars for bad behavior, the system as a whole has not only failed, but is sinking as fast as the Titanic.

Jobs nationwide are going unfilled because the employers cannot find qualified candidates, yet we have this gangster mentality where drugs, alcohol, and laziness prevail.

That solid foundation that Dr. Adams spoke of has to bind a family together. Watch your children and what they do, for the apple does not fall from the tree!