LETTER: Government aid is being abused

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

The obvious evidence of the failure of governmental support programs. I am addressing aid to the able-bodied, not the truely disabled.

We have many food programs, both government and private. Yet, there still seems to be the necessity to feed a free breakfast, lunch and after-school snack, plus summer nutrition programs, to school-age individuals. If the food programs worked, these free feedings would be unnecessary, as funds have all ready been spent to feed these children. If the subsidized housing programs were realistic, the residents wouldn’t have the possessions, especially the cars, they have.

They apparently have discretionary income, due to the lower or non-existent sheltering costs they enjoy. The use, and overuse, of emergency rooms at hospitals by indigent people, resulting in much higher costs than the already funded public health system. Plus, remember the occasional cases of fraud that are actually prosecuted, never mind the actual extent of fraud in all programs.

So it is clear that all too many work the system to their maximum advantage. Fail to correctly use the funding received and in essense live off of the public dole for no other reason than they can.