Phoebe reviews tele-ICU physician applicants

ALBANY — A recent credentials report from Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital indicates there are number of physicians set to join a new intensive care unit at the hospital.

The Professional Affairs Committee at Phoebe met on Monday to consider the report that had passed through the hospital’s Credentials/Bylaws Committee on Aug. 26, and the Medical Executive Committee on Sept. 10. On it were 22 medical staff applicants being considered for employment, 19 of whom are to be affiliated with Phoebe’s tele-ICU that went live last week.

The unit came about as part of partnership between Phoebe and Advanced ICU Care, and is said to continuously provide access to critical care providers who are able to collaborate with bedside physicians, nurses, therapists and technicians. The Advanced ICU care intensivist-led team operates from a centralized location electronically connected to Phoebe’s ICU patients, allowing for constant monitoring of vital signs, medications, labs, trends in patient clinical status and outcomes of care, officials at the hospital say.

The system also provides for two-way video footage for face-to-face consultations. Faster weaning from ventilator support, better compliance with ventilator “bundles” as well as shorter length of stay and reduced likelihood of ICU-related complications and mortality are said to be among the advantages for the patient.

The three applicants from outside the critical care field are Dr. Dayna London, a locum tenens member of Phoebe Physiatry; Dr. Khanja Mohammend, a cardiologist, and Dr. Wajid Diddiqui, an infectious disease specialist. There also are 12 critical care physicians looking to come in as affiliate staff applicants — with pediatrics, internal medicine, thoracic surgery, anesthesia and emergency medicine making up the other specialties.

The medical staff at Phoebe primarily takes on the role of looking into a physician applicants’ qualifications, in turn making a recommendation to the Professional Affairs Committee before the hospital’s full board makes a final decision.