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LETTER: Albany has a lot going for it

Letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Just a few comments on James Balch’s letter to the editor on Tuesday. While we will all agree that there are many problems in our society, they are not limited to Albany.

Looking at the positive things that we have in Albany, we see many. One of our greatest assets is the abundance of good water. It may be more valuable in the future than most other commodities. Without water nothing else much matters. Farmers and industry depend on it, as do the rest of us.

The school system has had its problems, but things have improved greatly and will continue to do so. We are also blessed with Albany State University, Darton State College and Albany Technical College.

The local governments have made a few unwise decisions in the past, just like the rest of us, but learning from those mistakes, they too are doing a better job of keeping the budgets in line and not investing in wasteful projects. Code enforcement is ridding the city of blighted areas and that contributes to the beautification of Albany. The new airport terminal gives travelers coming in by air a positive view of Albany.

Albany has many attractions that are unique. Chehaw, RiverQuarium, Thronateeska, Civil Rights Institute, Symphony Orchestra, Weatherbee Planetarium, Theatre Albany, Civic Center, Municipal Auditorium, just to mention a few.

We have great industries here and have room for more because there is an available workforce in our area that would love to get off public assistance.

There are many positive things about Albany. If we think positive, we will act positive and positive things will happen.

What would help Albany and the rest of the country most is for our dysfunctional national government to start doing its job. This would make all of our futures much brighter.