Checkpoint in Poulan results in DUI arrests

POULAN — Several agencies participated in a checkpoint Friday evening in Poulan that resulted in a number of citations, among them being several for driving under the influence, or DUI, officials said Monday.

Sgt. Shawn Urquhart, commander for Georgia State Patrol Post 40 in Albany, said there were about 25 citations issued at the checkpoint — which was located on U.S. Highway 82. Five were for DUI, two were for misdemeanor drug arrests while the remainder accounted for offenses such as insurance or license violations, she said.

The Poulan Police Department was the host agency, with the GSP and Worth County Sheriff’s Office issuing tickets, Urquhart said. Some of the others that participated included law enforcement agencies from Cairo, Thomasville, Moultrie and Decatur County, she said.

“My guys were there until 1 a.m.,” the post commander said.

Due to it being a Friday evening in which school is in session, which means law enforcement presence at area football games, there were not as many officers working at Friday’s checkpoint — but the activity compared to the one at Poulan last year was roughly the same amount, Urquhart said.

For the most part, the officers did not have any trouble Friday evening, Urquhart said.

“It went good,” she said. “Everyone went home safely. The important thing is that they didn’t have to chase anybody. Sometimes at these checkpoints, folks run.”

Poulan Police Chief Larry Whisenant was not available Monday for further information on the checkpoint.