WARREN D. GRANT: Divert money from parks and the Civic Center to pay law enforcement better salaries

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Money spent on recreational, educational and entertainment facilities could be better spent

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Questions I would like answered. … Based on last year’s accounting records for Dougherty County, I would like to know: 1. What were the total expenditures for the year? 2. What were the total operating expenses for the Civic Center broken down into maintenance, payroll, utilities, insurance and miscellaneous? 3. The same information for the aquarium, Chehaw Park and Paul Eames Park. 4. What was the total income for each of the above broken into each of the entities? 5. What amount of taxpayer money went to each of the entities to keep them operating?

Recently, Sheriff Sproul was commenting about the turnover rate due to low pay among his employees. I agree with him completely. They’re underpaid and not by just a little. It appears that Dougherty County is a training ground or boot camp for the rest of the state. Once they have some experience, poof, they’re gone and I don’t blame them. I think there is enough fat in supporting the above programs that could be diverted to the Sheriff’s Department to pay and keep good personnel.

I think it’s noble to try to raise the dead downtown, but there simply is not enough traffic to support businesses downtown. Why do you think big corporations do traffic studies? It’s to see where the people are going and that’s where they want to be. … I’ve been told that Wal-Mart does a study to find where the demographics say the best place for a store is. After 10 years, they remodel the store and then after another 10 years they move because the demographics have told them the traffic is gone. I think we are kicking a dead mule with some of these programs downtown and, in the meantime, letting a good mule leave for better pastures by not paying them enough to stay around.