Albany Police Department inducts new officers

Families of the recruits will play a vital role in their success as police officer, Albany Police Chief John Proctor says

ALBANY — Ten new officers were inducted into the Albany Police Department Thursday at the Law Enforcement Center. Law enforcement officials were on hand to welcome the recruits into their ranks, as proud family and friends in attendance watched the proceedings.

Albany Police Chief John Proctor acknowledged attending family members and reminded them that they are essential for each officer’s success.

“You have to put your mind into what you’re doing in order to be successful,” Proctor said. “They are going to miss birthdays and Christmases. There will be nights that they come home having witnessed some rough things that day. They will need you to be their support during those times, to let them know it’s OK.

“This is a hard job, but these officers are ready to do it, and it’s our pleasure to bring them on board.”

As they were introduced, the academy graduates saluted their fellow officers before swearing to uphold their duties and responsibilities with honor in their oath of office.

In a final nod to the importance of family, representing loved ones pinned the new officer’s badges on their uniforms, which the graduates accepted with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Graduate Danny Alday is looking forward to his future as a part of the Albany Police Department.

“I never want to have a boring job where it’s the same thing happening day after day,” Alday said. “I know I can look forward to something different each day, with daily challenges that motivate me.”

Officer Telur Allen agreed. “I’ve wanted to do this since I was a little girl — this is the best job ever,” she said.

In addition to Alday and Allen, the new police officers are Robert Beal, Joseph Bellacomo, Shanique Brewer, Brandon Carter, Carlos Dariso, Nicholas Parker, Geoffrey Sparkes and Jamie Sutton.