Trojan Warrior Challenge to be held in Lee County

Trojan Warrior Challenge fitness fundraiser will benefit Lee County Special Olympics

The Trojans Warrior Challenge fitness fundraiser will be held this Saturday at the Lee County High School stadium to benefit Lee County Special Olympics. (Special image)

The Trojans Warrior Challenge fitness fundraiser will be held this Saturday at the Lee County High School stadium to benefit Lee County Special Olympics. (Special image)

LEESBURG — Lee County Special Olympics will be getting a boost this Saturday, when area athletes gather for the Trojan Warrior Challenge fitness fundraiser.

According to one of the event’s planners, DeAnna Julian, who works as a post secondary transition coordinator for Lee County School System and is also an events coordinator for Special Olympics, the Trojan Warrior Challenge is a great opportunity to promote fitness while helping special needs athletes.

“Special Olympics give individuals the opportunity to develop physical, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in the sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community,” said Julian. “I wanted to create fund-raising event that embodied the same spirit as the Special Olympic games. The Trojan Warrior Challenge seemed like a great way to provide a challenging and fun athletic competition in a variety of events to help support our local Special Olympics program.”

To help design a fun, yet challenging competition, Julian, a fitness instructor, called upon fellow school system employee Vincent Greco, technology specialist at Lee County High School and certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist, to assist her.

Greco, who assists Julian in teaching a fitness boot camp for LCSS teachers, jumped at the opportunity to do something positive in two areas that are important to him.

“I am more passionate about health and fitness than just about anything,” said Greco. “My concern for this however is the charity. This is all about the Special Olympics and those kids. I think if people recognize they are doing this challenge to make it possible for special needs athletes to do the same, they will go through with the right attitude and they will do well.”

While both Julian and Greco are quick to point out the real purpose of the challenge, both feel the event will also offer athletes of all skill levels a worthy fitness challenge.

Designed as an obstacle course style fitness skills test covering the majority of the Lee County High School Stadium and football fields, the event will feature a variety of physical challenges set up in different sections, including sled pulls, tire flips, push ups, low crawls, squats, sandbag carries and crab walks, among other things.

In order to test athletes of all levels of ability, the challenge is set up for two skill segments, Trojan and Warrior. The Trojan level is set up for beginner and intermediate level athletes and is open to everyone. The Warrior level is set up for advanced athletes and will feature tougher challenges.

The event will also feature a kid’s challenge, designed for younger participants wanting to get involved.

Registration will begin at 7 a.m. the day of the event. The cost of entry for adults is $35 and $10 for children ages 10 and under, with all proceeds going to benefit the Lee County Special Olympics.