WALT SPECHT: Vermont visits always enlighten

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: School district votes on school budgets not a bad idea for south Georgia

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Just back from my trip to Northern Vermont. As usual, I learned some things.

The school budget is voted on by the district registered voters. If it fails to pass, the past year’s budget remains in place. For Burlington, the voters said no to the new budget. Seems that for years it kept increasing, with no signs of promised curtailment. The proposed increase in taxes to cover the budget this year was enough to make folks vote no. Wouldn’t be a bad idea around here.

Plus, I believe you will be glad to hear we do not have all the really smart folks in the nation. Vermont has at least two. On ice that was so thin the state ordered all ice shanties off the lake, two locals drove a two-ton dump truck onto the ice to supposedly retrieve a shanty. Now, it was raining and 40 degrees when they attempted this stunt. Funny, but did you know a two ton dump truck won’t float? I guess these intrepid souls didn’t know that either.

Crooked politicians abound in the northern areas, and many seem to be getting caught, tried, fined, pay restitution and spend time in jail. Another thing that might be good to accomplish around here. They seem to be town managers and treasurers for the most part.