Lee County manhunt ends in capture

Suspect captured off Old Dawson Road

Johnny David Williams II (Special Photo)

Johnny David Williams II (Special Photo)

LEESBURG — A manhunt launched in the Doublegate area of Lee County Thursday ended with the capture of Johnny David Williams II at a nearby residence, officials say.

Lee Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Lewis Harris said that around 7:40 a.m., a Lee County sheriff’s deputy approached a “suspicious” white male at the EZ Mart on Dawson Road near the Doublegate subdivision. The man had a flashlight in one of his pockets with the other pocket bulging with “unknown items,” Harris said.

The man was unresponsive when the deputy asked for personal information, Harris said, refusing to give his name, address or any identification. When the deputy attempted to search the man, a physical altercation ensued, Harris said, after which the man ran away.

Harris said additional units were immediately called and a search began for the individual. For around two hours a search dog provided by the Georgia Department of Corrections worked without success to locate the man, Harris said. Deputies from the Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office joined the search.

The man was discovered around 11 a.m. inside a residence on the 3600 block of Old Dawson Road in Dougherty County, Harris said, adding he was charged with two counts of felony obstruction of an officer and one count of loitering and prowling.

“If he’s really who he says he is, there’s an active warrant against him for parole violation,” Harris said. “That’s probably why he ran.”

Harris said the man was transported to the Lee County Jail, where he was to be fingerprinted and his identity confirmed.