SAM HARRIS: Mike Sabot a leader that Lee County needs

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mike Sabot is a candidate for the Lee County Commission

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

My daddy had a saying: “If you want to know a man, then go work for him.” My daddy said he will show you if he keeps his word, if he handles his finances well, and whether he can hold his composure when everyone around him is falling apart.

I built a very expensive bookcase for Mike and Sue Sabot. It was during this time that I grew to know him. He was always straightforward with me, nice and knowledgeable.

Since then, I have grown to know him as a friend and neighbor. Although we do not always agree with each other regarding everything, he always has the knowledge to back up his stance on the subject. When dealing with your spouse, a boss or a leader, isn’t that all you can ask of that person?

I have lived in Lee County my whole life and it is people like Mike Sabot that we need to represent Lee County. He is always honest and I have never seen him lose his composure.

If we are to continue to grow as a county and get away from only being a bedroom community, then we must start to make the tough decisions and quit electing our buddies and start electing leaders.

It is with this in mind that I wholeheartedly endorse Mike Sabot to represent northern Lee County on the Lee County Commission.