SUSIE BROWN: Brown family bids Albany farewell

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The family is taking 25 1/2 years of memories with it

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Twenty-five-and-a-half years ago, two “Yankees” from Maryland arrived in Albany to work at Phoebe Putney. We were far from family and friends and a bit apprehensive of living in the Deep South. It didn’t take long at all for us to feel welcome and comfortable here. We made many fast and long-lasting friendships here as we worked and raised our four children.

Lots of wonderful memories were made at St. Teresa’s Church and School, Lake Park E.S., Merry Acres Middle School and Westover High School. We spent hours coaching our kids and hundreds of other children at the Dixie Baseball fields, the YMCA basketball courts and mostly on the YMCA and Westover H.S. soccer fields. We loved every moment of watching and helping so many young people develop into fine athletes and individuals. We met and worked with many wonderful people at Phoebe and will treasure our 25 years there. There are so many great people we have met here and we wish we could see all of you in person to say good-bye, but there are just too many of you, so this letter will have to suffice.

We will especially miss all our wonderful neighbors in the beautiful Audubon Subdivision.

We wish Albany, and all the wonderful people who have touched our lives, all the best. So, good-bye, God bless you and we hope to see you in the future. It’s been great and we will miss you all very much.

Go Patriots and Go Hotspur!



EDITOR’S NOTE: Susie Brown submitted this letter on behalf of herself; her husband, Greg Brown, and their children — Tommy, Becky, Danny and Katie.